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I first became familiar with Chloe’s work when I saw her artwork for “Orange Records”. I knew right away that I would want to work with her in the future. I contacted her about social media branding (eg Instagram highlights, Instagram post/story templates etc.) and illustrated artwork for my own personal DJ mix series “Sqwill’s Select”. I had a vision in mind of myself and the other DJs I’d be performing with being illustrated on the cover, which Chloe pulled off to perfection!

I became a client of Chloe’s and was immediately satisfied with my decision. Her communication skills are incredible. It feels like more than just a business transaction with her. Chloe has gone out of her way to support me as a DJ and producer. She’s very personable and understanding. Chloe is an absolute pleasure to work with.

She also has an amazing artistic vision and quickly and easily translated my ideas into artwork that was miles better than what I even had in mind. She helped me to understand certain elements of social media marketing/branding that I was missing. Since working with Chloe, I have been bombarded with messages asking about who does my artwork, which is a testament to Chloe’s eye-catching style.

Whenever we set certain deadlines or guidelines, they are always met. She has great integrity and is extremely reliable. I know that I will never have to press or push her for work and that she will never let me down on our agreements.

    - Cillian Doyle, Sqwill's Select

Chloe is a highly driven individual, she is always wanting to create a successful piece for her clients - the way she does this is through clear and constant communication, she understands the client's wants and needs and is looking to create her client's ideas to come life. Her professionalism is second to none, she never moans when stuff comes back to her, she is also a great problem solver on how to get to the bottom of things and she is a really talented individual!

   - Rhys, T in Techno

Chloe is an absolute professional and was a pleasure to work with. Her eye for detail really showed during my photoshoot, but it was the ability to make me feel relaxed I front of the camera that worked wonders. 

As a DJ, working with a photographer who also has a passion for electronic music made sure the inspiration and ideas for each picture would help me stand out in the industry. 

Chloe’s quick turnaround of the edits was also impressive, especially given she knew I had a new track scheduled for release and wanted to use the pictures for that.

    - Funkwerkz, DJ

Chloe provided a really professional and relaxing service from start to finish. As this was my first time standing in front of the camera for press shots, I was nervous to get them done. But Chloe knew exactly how to settle the nerves and take direction in a nonforceful and fun way. She made every minute of the shoot count and was great value for the money and would pay more for the service she provided. The end results were just as good as the day shooting, she was quick and prompt with editing the files and got the final product to me as quickly as possible. A wide variety of shots and handled the whole process perfectly. Would 100% use again.

    - Neil V Music, DJ

Chloe has been amazing! 
I came to Chloe with a bog-standard design that I had made on my laptop. I had a vision of how I wanted my logo to look but I didn’t have the creativity to put into a design. Chloe told me to explain exactly what I wanted my logo to represent and within a few hours I had received what is now my brand's logo. I have had amazing feedback from customers and supporters on the logo and how much it stands out and represents everything the brand is. This is all down to Chloe. She is so talented and has really worked so hard to keep improving on her craft. Chloe's vibrant personality really shines through in her work. 
Thank you so much Chloe. 

    - Sean, Founder of Reps Running

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