Social Media Work

While working at K2L, a marketing agency in Manchester, I worked on a range of projects across different sectors including automotive, baby & child, fashion, beauty, and services.


Working with K2L I was able to design a range of social animation graphics for the Doona & Cuddle Co social media accounts. It was fantastic to work on e-commerce briefs such as the 'new year sale' and create Instagram stories to help inform parents about products.


Cartime is a client of K2L, and I worked on a range of paid social ads where I created the artwork, and my co-workers devised an ad campaign for Facebook & Instagram. Take a look at the animations which helped capture the target audience's attention.


Gloh Beauty was a client of K2L and while working at the agency I worked on a range of social media ad creative for their paid media campaigns. I also worked on the website for the beauty company which can be seen via the button below. 


Serviced Office Company offers office rental and meeting room hire across the UK. Wile at K2L I worked on their website helping to design a new site that was more accessible and reflected the luxury and modern style of their interiors. I also worked on running their social media accounts by planning, designing, and scheduling content on a monthly basis. 


J Davidson is a scrap metal processor company in Manchester. K2L Provide them with Blog and Social Media management services. While working as a Graphic Designer at the company I shook up their social media using a range of animated gifs which featured characters and cars while keeping on brand. 


Topsy Curvy is a plus sized fashion company from Salford. K2L run their paid media ad campaigns, and while working at the agency I designed a range of ad artwork. 

Festigirl is run by Abbie Holborn, from Geordie Shore. I have been personally working with Abbie for 2+ years, and have created a range of her ad artwork to promote her sales and new launches.