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Shutdown already had a fantastic connection with the under-18s market, but with new competitors popping up all the time, they needed to futureproof their position – quickly. That’s where I came in.


Shutdown had established a fantastic connection with their Under 18 Market already, but this was threatened by new events entering the market. Shutdown found that they wanted to show the energy and unique style of their events through their branding. I was challenged to re-brand the company and design a new website that would position Shutdown at the top of the market, encourage lead generation, ticket sales, and merchandise sales. 


I kicked off with a workshop to pin down Shutdown’s vibe and USPs. Once I had dug deep into what sets Shutdown apart from other brands in the market, I got to work designing a logo, branding and social media assets that could be noticed on every busy street corner or social media feed.


Their brand identity would then set the tone for their events, who they are and what they are all about. This consistency would encourage a younger audience to stay engaged with the brand, while also reassuring parents that the events were a legitimate, safe and friendly place for their children to attend.  


Overall, I successfully re-branded Shutdown, designing striking artwork including a new logo, social media templates, Instagram highlights, Merchendise designs and much more to ensure consistency and ownability across different social media platforms 

and markets.

450K+ Organic Impressions On Instagram between January and July 2022.

10 Sold Out Shows - From the re-brand we developed, standing out to their core audience

536:1 ROI - From their investment, they were able to make a huge return on investment.


Cannot recommend This Is Apollo enough! From start to finish they are as involved as you are, have an incredible turnaround, are super talented, and really care about attention to detail. Wouldn’t ever use anyone else, I look forward to them being involved with all my future projects. 


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