Branding and Other Work

Please take a look at some smaller projects which I have taken on throughout my career.  A range of different clients with different project outcomes, from Building Services to Fashion Brands.


SHUTDOWN are an events company specialising in U18 events around the North West of the UK. Aiming to create more engagement and promote their shows to a specific target audience, they reached out to me to create some psychedelic, Alice in Wonderland themed graphics.


KS Building Services approached me to design their brand identity. They requested a modern and slick look that would be available to see across social media platforms and in person. They also requested a website to be built which advertises their services, features their contact details and their previous work.

My role was to design the features of their branding including a logo, social media adverts, a composition for their Van Design, and their website which would have the UX in mind.  


Reps Running is a UK based clothing company specialising in sports clothes. Designing the branding for this company was a fantastic experience.

As requested by the client, they wanted a recognisable logo to be created which was slick and on-trend. Adding foot-prints to represent running and two lines down the side of the R to represent a running track, the overall branding created something that hopefully in the future will be recogniseable like brands such as Nike and Under Armour.


“Sqwill’s Select” is a personal mix series for Sqwill, an up-and-coming house music DJ and producer from Ireland. With Sqwill’s Select, Sqwill is trying to showcase not only his own DJing abilities but also that of other local Irish talents. He wanted to create a unique and distinct look to his series that would set him apart from other DJs

I designed an interesting logo consisting of vibrant icons. The use of repeating the icons across the branding will help keep the brand tied together and appear recognisable. The Mix Series for Sqwill's Select would feature illustrations of the artists.


I Was approached by Eden Ibiza to create a series of event posters for their collaboration with Void Ibiza. They were hosting an event in London at POW and were in need of some funky, bright and colourful graphics to advertise the show. 

Successfully, I was able to design a

swiss style inspired design featuring their logo, the lineup, and the details of the event. As well as this, a fun video was created with a specific track for their Instagram page and to use on different social media sites.


Dirty Soul is a Brand New event coming to the UK in Summer 2021. As requested by the client they wanted a funky, soul-filled brand with bright colours but also appealed to an underground music audience.

I designed an icon logo and added typography to the final logo. These elements were added to posters to create a buzz around the brand and aid its promotion on social media ready for the announcement of their events (with the hope COVID-19 doesn't have an effect on their plans).