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With many brands wanting to push their events, they require unique designs which will create impact. With social media forming as the base for event promotion, all promotion must be useable on a digital platform, and convertable to print. Take a look and see what we have done for our clients.


Drip aimed to target a student audience in Manchester. With their event at Kable Club, drip aimed to capture the attention of students with something which could be changed, but at the same time be recogniseable. We developed a series of poster, designed their logo and created an animation to promote their event.


West of Ireland's best electronic music venue required some techno-inspired music posters for their new events. Launching their re-opening since the lift of covid restrictions, they needed to come back with a blast! We created some eyecatching posters for social media and digital use, and helped to sell out their Disfreq event in less than 2 hours!


Collaborating with Hotwire Events, Off The Record, aimed to market their third event digitally. Creating a series of promotional assets including Instagram stories, teasers, and animation our work allowed them to market the event to a mass audience and sold xxx tickets.


Re-opening their club for 2022 required a statement artwork for their ORXY and Collective events! With more annoucnemnts rolling in, they needed to promote their events with Coven and Melvo Baptise. A series of posters were created to help market the event digitally and in person.


Making a statement in Warrington, Vibrant needed a brand identity and the marketing material to promote their first event. Suited to their budget we devised an eyecatching poster and logo which would make a statement and engage potential Warrington ravers!