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Hi there! My name is Chloe, and I am a Graphic Designer based in the North West of England, UK. I am a Birmingham City University graduate who graduated in 2021, with a First Class Honours in Media and Communication. I specialise in Visual Communication and Website Development.

Since I was younger I have always had a passion for design and creativity, but it wasn't until attending University that I realised the career path I wanted to venture down.

While studying I started my own business to help support myself through university, a company named This Is Apollo. I founded this company in the hope to work with a range of different clients, small businesses and music producers to help aid the development of my portfolio and to get my name out there.

From working with a vast range of clients I understood who I was as a designer and developed my own design identity. Illustrations and devising material with interesting typography were my favorite briefs to work with.

One day I aspire to run my own agency full time and work on a range of projects with well-known brands. I would love to work with companies within the music industry such as Printworks London, Eden, Fly Events, The Warehouse Project and Circoloco to create designs for their events.

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